Personal information provided at the time of registration or otherwise on the site remains confidential and will not be shared with any third party without your prior authorization and used only by Immo axess. This does not include the personal information and contact information that you provide or indicate on the Web site in order to be reached by potential buyers or tenants or that is used to position your property by using the localization function.
However no security measure is entirely safe and the user must know that there are always risks that the personal information provided to Immo axess be disclosed without your consent, without Immo axess being at fault. Immo axess declines any liability regarding the fact that your personal information may be disclosed except in the case of negligence by Immo axess.

Use of personal information
Personal information collected by Immo axess allow Immo axess to offer its users personalized services. It also allows Immo axess to send information of interest to the user, from time to time, when the user has notified Immo axess of its interest to receive such information.

Cookies are text files that contains information allowing Immo axess to save users' preferences or other information in connection with the use of the Web site and to recognise the user on the site. The cookies do not allow Immo axess to identify the user or your personal information.
Data provided by the cookies in connection with the use of the site are collected only for the purpose of measuring the use, the traffic, the frequency and the duration of the visits on the site and for internal purposes.
The use of cookies is now a common procedure in the computer world and most navigation systems accept such files by default. It is possible to change the navigation system options to refuse cookies but the user may then not be able to benefits all the functions available on the Web site
Cookies files are themselves inoffensive and the user may consult and delete them since they are located on the hard disk of the user.

The only situations when Immo axess may disclose your personal information are the following: (i) on request made by a legal authority or in good faith if such disclosure is required to comply to any law or regulation or for court proceding involving Immo axess; (ii) to protect or defend the rights or properties of Immo axess or of the users of the Web site ; and/or (iii) to intervene in exceptional circumstances to protect the personal security of the users of the site, Immo axess or the public.

Immo axess reserves its right to amend this confidentiality policy at any time without notice. In such a case, the new policy will supersede any previous version which shall then become immediately null and void.